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The Purge and Level 10

19 April 2017

There has been a lot going on in the past few weeks including some major changes to the clan. Let's get started to what clan members have called "The Purge."

A couple weeks ago there was some clan drama for reasons basically unknown. Apparently, one of the clan members was offended by the language being used in the clan chat. (Snowflake anyone?) They subsequently claimed they were taking a break from clash for a while and left the clan. We then learned they were not, in fact, taking a break, but instead decided to join their old stalwart clan "The Holding Cel. (www.theholdingcel.com)" Following this, many of this person's friends left the clan to join him. To finish the job, leadership at 37 Nightmares booted the rest of the snowflakes that we knew were going to leave.

Now for some background. If you have read our history, you know at some point a large portion of the clan "the holding cel" merged with us several months back. They made up about 40% of our clan membership, although many were inactive players. It is also important to note after the merger, our win percentage dropped dramatically, from around 90% to about 70%. In fairness, that win percentage was starting to climb back up, but I digress.

The purge has been completed and to be fair lets compare the war logs of us post purge to the war logs of The Holding Cel post 37 Nightmares purge. I believe they speak for themselves.

It looks like we are back to being a 90% win percentage clan and The Holding Cel is back to being, well, a .500 Snowflake Utopian Paradise clan.

In other news, we have reached level 10 and are recruiting new members to shore up our war squad. Apply within. Snowflakes need not apply

37 Nightmares Approaching Level 10

25 February 2017

It's been a long journey, but 37 Nightmares is finally approaching level 10. Our current record stands at 165-57-4, which has dropped our war win percentage from 88% to 74.3%. A drop was expected as we increased our war size to 25 per war on average, but we can do better.

In other news, the leadership of 37 Nightmares is implementing a full clan war policy. The policy states that once per month, we are going to have a full-clan war, where every member of the clan must participate. We expect the size of this war to be between 40-50. The date of each "full-scale" war will be announced at least a week in advance, so that gives all members plenty of time to make sure BOTH of their heroes are available.

Lastly, we have opened recruitment up to TH8's and higher, with some notable qualifications. We are looking for some high level TH8, along with any level TH9 and TH10. For TH11, you must not have a rushed base and your heroes and troops must be up to par. Also if you are a TH11, you're attacking skills must be sufficient, since TH11 attacks are absolutely essential in war. Inquire to join on the contact us page.

Recruitment has been restricted

1 February 2017

We have closed our open recruiting season. We are, however, always looking for quality talent. To apply to join 37 Nightmares please visit the Contact page and send us an e-mail.

War: 37 Nightmares vs. Temujin

15 January 2017

Another great war, this one was 15 vs 15, we had a TH11 advantage of +1. Solid attacks all around. Bnashty had a couple good 3-star attacks against equibalent th9's. Some other 3-star attacks worth noting were Smoking Gun, Jonathon, and Caleb.

Final Result: Win: 38-33

Watch the War on YouTube Here: 37 Nightmares vs. Temujin.

37 Nightmares is Recruiting

1 January 2017

We are recruiting non-rushed TH9 bases who are excellent attackers. Must be able to 3-star a base equivalent to yours. Inquire at the Contact us Page.

War: 37 Nightmares vs. PK Ducks

15 December 2016

Great job team on our last war. We had our work cut out for us on the TH9 front, but thanks to some tremendous drops from our top bases we got the job done.

Final Result: Win: 54-47

Shanthan gets the MVP on the offensive side. Came up with 2 monster 3-star attacks on their top bases. I would offer more praise to Shanthan, but he doesn't deserve it after his dreadful performance in the war prior. A kangaroo wearing mittens with an iPad could have sent better attacks.

On the defensive side, Mad Hatter gets the MVP with 7 solid defenses! Yes 7. Being our #10 in a 20-man war and not getting 3-starred is a worthy accomplishment.

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